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Credentials of Carol H. Gold, Esquire


Carol H. Gold, Esquire was admitted to practice law in New Jersey in 1987, and in Pennsylvania in 1986.  She is also admitted to practice in the following Courts: District Court of New Jersey (1987), United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (1997), and the Supreme Court of the United States (1999). 

Carol H. Gold, Esquire has been designated as an accredited professional mediator for divorce/family matters by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators since 1998.  She has also served as a mediator for the Superior Court of New Jersey in a variety of civil "Law Division" matters since 1987 to present.  Additionally, she has served as a Court mediator in family matters and neighborhood disputes.  She has served as a mediator for the REDRESS program (EEO employment disputes) of the United States Postal Service since 1999 to present.  She has also served as a mediator and as an arbitrator for the United States Department of Agriculture from 2004 to present.  She has served as an arbitrator for FINRA in securities consumer and employment matters since 1995.  She has been a member of the FINRA mediation panel since 1996.

Carol H. Gold, Esquire graduated from Rutgers University earning a BA degree in psychology. 

Carol H. Gold, Esquire graduated from Delaware Law School of Widener University earning a J.D. degree.